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Una district is like a butterfly , small but having attractive features.

Look at the major links for this site provided in the shape of buttons on the left side of each web page e.g. History, Geography etc.  

The Home Page button will be used to reach the home page again from any other page.

Click on any one of the major links to get the related information.

Look at  the Actived Major Link Bar on the top of each page. Below this bar, a drop-down menu for the activated major link may appear. Click it to see the available options. 

Near top-middle of the Home Page, look at the Active Server Page Bar containing a number of icons such as Events, Press etc. Click on any one of the button, a new target window appears which may also ask you to select the district. 

At the bottom of each page, Back, Topand  Next buttons have been provided to see the previous page, to go top of the page and to see the next page respectively as per the requirement of the particular information.

All photos are clickable. 


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