Dera Baba Rudru, established by a celibate solitarian Baba Rudranand in village Nari about 10 kms. from Una, is situated on Una-Amb road near Basal village. It is said that Baba ji was named Rudra as he was considered to be a part of lord Shankar. As per a legend prevalent in the area, once the local nambardar gave a sound beating to Baba’s cows and the herdsmen. Later on when herdsmen narrated the entire incident then Baba Rudranand enquired about the pain they felt. The herdsmen revealed that they simply felt as if the nambardar was simply tricking them by playing pranks. Then Baba Ji showed them his bare back which was full of bruises of lathi blow . After being initiated as a disciple by revered celibate Brahmanand of Kashi, Baba Rudranand Sat in penance under a cluster of five ‘peepuls’ which still exist with in the precincts of the ‘dera’. Click To EnlargeLater on Baba Ji established an ‘akhand dhoona’ in 1850 which is still burning constantly without break. It is believed that there is some spiritual bondage in between the five peepal tree and the ‘vibhuti’(holy ashes) of the ‘akhand dhoona’, because anyone afflicted with a snake bite after being given a dose of ‘vibhuti’ is made to sit or lie under the five peepul tree, is cured by Baba Rudru’s grace and blessings of the snake bite.
The important fairs and festivals celebrated at Dera Baba Rudru which draws a large number of devotees are Panch Bhisham Mela, Nirjala Ekadashi Fair, Baba Rudru’s Jayanti on the shukla navmi of Phalgun month and Vyas Puja (Guru Purnima). Amlehar is the main branch of Dera Baba Rudru where an akhand dhoona is constantly burning since past many years. Besides organizing a special congregation on every ‘Sankranti’ a large fair is held on ‘Kushokpatini amavasya’ every year. The present Guru Mahant Sugrivanand has established Baba Rudru Bal Gopal Mandir in Mansarovar Garden, Ramesh Nagar, Delhi in the year 1970.

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How to Reach:

By Air

The nearest Airport to Dera Baba Rudru is Chandigarh International Airport. It is about 130 Kms from the Dera Baba Rudru.

By Train

The nearest Railway Station to Dera Baba Rudru is Una Himachal at Una town. It is about 12 Kms from Dera Baba Rudru.

By Road

Dera Baba Rudru is well connected by roads to all the towns of Himachal Pradesh , Punjab and Chandigarh.